Finding Nisha…

Like many, I enjoy being a big fish in a small pond. Rather, I don’t enjoy being a small fish in a big pond because large schools of fish… people… intimidate me to no end. I am a bubbly, energetic, people-loving introvert. Yes, those exist. I like to laugh more than I like to do almost anything else. And making me laugh is probably easier than remembering how to pronounce my five- letter name (which seems harder for some than I ever thought it would be). I believe, “Creativity makes the world your canvas.” I enjoy adding innovation and creativity to life. Naturally, I have a true passion for Fine Arts. If I could spend every minute of every day dancing, I would. Singing, performing, playing and making music, videography and photography are my fixes. Get me doing something creative, and I won’t realize it’s been five hours since I started…

I am a senior (whew…) business administration major at Birmingham- Southern College. I was born in Los Angeles, and though I moved at the ever-so-ripe age of two, I like to mention it, because it makes me feel cool. I’ve been raised in a wonderful little town called Anniston, Alabama. I did attend middle school in Los Angeles before coming back and finishing up high school in Anniston. (That transitional experience calls for an entirely new blog post for another day.)

I don’t know how much more you want to know about me, but if I don’t mention my favorite people I’m not staying true to myself. My family are my biggest fans, and I am certainly theirs. I have loving parents and two crazy younger siblings. Do not worry. I assure you you will learn more about them as you learn more about me. I am incredibly close to them and credit them for most of my success and happiness.


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