Creativity Makes the World Your Canvas

Vision as a Writer & Reader

“Creativity makes the world your canvas.” That’s what inspires me. I use writing to clarify my thoughts. The minute it gets foggy up in there, I take to pen and paper. I write down everything. I have a One-A-Day journal, a poetry journal, and a diary. All three of which I write in pretty frequently. I get a thrill from buying new pens, and I am obsessed with blank paper, no matter how it is bound. Beyond my obsession, fiction is not my forte. I prefer writing about my personal life, my observations, and life from my perspective.

As for reading, I would like to read more. I do not read nearly enough. When asked, “What are the last five books you’ve read?” I’m ashamed to say I have to try really hard to remember and that they were all assigned reading. For example, I read a book called Rise of India for a research paper. Food is the Cure was also for a paper. Both of those were very interesting, and I was passionate about the subjects. However, they were not really the kind of books I would read for fun. So, instead I’m going to cheat and tell you a couple of my favorite books. I love The Giver, Brave New World, The Kite Runner, and Fahrenheit 451. I do not subscribe to any magazines, but I do enjoy reading articles in Time, Fortune, and Women’s Health.

My digital diet, like my actual diet, is mostly made up of sweets and very little sustenance. My favorite websites admittedly are Facebook, Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed. (That’s terrible, isn’t it?) Although, I did take a quiz today that told me I am a Moderate Introvert, “very awkward at large social gatherings, crave alone time, and don’t mind being in small groups.” I did not already know that, so I’m glad I spent 10 minutes taking that quiz and learning more about myself. I use Facebook frequently, mostly for pictures. I love pictures. I love having a place online where I can store all my albums, visit them at my will, and share them with my friends. Instagram adds a little more fun and frivolity in there. Twitter I am still learning. I do tweet. I try to be funny. I’m not really that funny. I follow a couple celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Mindy Kaling. I follow @UberFacts and @Relatable. Then, of course I follow my friends and family. I follow Birmingham- Southern organizations. I follow a couple choreographers and YouTubers, too.

Ultimately, I am taking this class to become a better writer and to get my writing fix. I also hope to gain a better understanding of how the media works, what the media wants/is looking for, and how I can have an advantage when applying for media jobs later in my career. I’m that one student that gets excited when the professor replaces a test with a paper. So, I am more than ready to have a writing course on my schedule again. I am intimidated, nervous, excited, and yet thrilled to begin.


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