25 Things About Nisha

1. I want to be famous. I am not sure for what I want to be famous. I once wanted to be in film or television. Then I wanted to be a famous photographer. A dancer. I don’t know where my life will lead me. But one day, everyone will know my name. And for good reason.

2. Dance is my greatest passion. When I am on stage, I am a completely different me. I’m the me I wish I could be all the time– happy, fun, beautiful, graceful, uninhibited, and confident.

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 1.22.51 AM

3. I have had three root canals. I brush my teeth and floss everyday. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink coffee or soda. The dentist blames it on bad genes which leave me with “weak teeth susceptible to decay.” That and I snack on sugar all day everyday…

4. I am actually addicted to sugar. It is a problem. I get cranky, tired, and slow without it. I am working on this.

5. I am an INFJ – Introvert. Intuitive. Feeling. Judging.

6. My family is my everything. I could write an entire book series about them, so I’ll spare you…for now.

kashyap fam

7. Quite recently I have learned the art of saying NO. It is difficult, but I am getting better at it.

8. I do not step out of my comfort zone. Once there was this boy (I feel like so many terrible stories start that way). He pulled me just enough out of my comfort zone that life was exciting. Then one day, he tried to pull me further, and I retreated. He left. Since then, I’ve been even more unwilling to step out of it.

9. Fashion is my expressive outlet. I am obsessed. I rarely repeat outfits, and I rarely follow major trends. If everyone is doing it, I’m not. I usually just wear what makes me feel confident. Accessorizing is my favorite hobby.

10. To capture a moment and make it a memory is one of my favorite things to do. Before cellphones became equipped with cameras, I used to carry my little digital Canon Photoshoot with me everywhere. Before that I used a camera with replaceable film. Now I carry Timothy, my Canon Rebel t3i everywhere as well as my iPhone. I take pictures and videos of everything. Sometimes it is website worthy (www.nishakashyapphotography.com). Other times it’s Facebook worthy. And sometimes, it is just keep-in-my-personal-album worthy. No matter, I treasure each one. (One time I lost an entire memory card of photos that I had taken in Spain…I cried for days.)

11. I cry. I am emotionally sensitive. I cry tears of joy, tears of pain and grief, and even tears when I’m too angry for words.

12. Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my new favorite TV show. This is because I watch it with some of my best friends. We laugh at the gag-worthy puns, yell at the drag queens through the screen, and sing the theme song together. During that one hour a day, I don’t think about my to do list or my future. I just enjoy my company, and I laugh. A lot.


13. I am an anxious person. I have self- prescribed (because doctors make me the most anxious) Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, and Panic Attacks. I get better and better about maintaining and working with my anxiety the more I try.

14. If you see me running, it is not because I am athletic. It’s because I am late. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. My schedule looks like a long tight bookcase with one too many books. One thing after another, back to back, with no spaces in between. So, I often have a class that ends at 6:00 and a meeting that starts at 6:00. Run, Nisha, run.

15. I am a helpful little peep. (According to Anna Quirk)

16. Elephants are my favorite animal. Both my room at home and my dorm at school are filled with stuffed animal elephants, porcelain figurines, bowls with tiny trunks and ears, baby mobiles with elephants on them. I was first inspired by the gentle giants when my parents told me the story of Lord Ganesha.


17. I will forever hold the title of Junior Miss Calhoun County 2011. (Now referred to as Distinguished Young Woman)

18. What I listen to in the morning determines my mood for the day. On big days, I listen to Eye of the Tiger, the Rocky Theme song, or some good ol’ empowering Beyoncé.

19. I am not a morning person. I am a night owl and an insomniac. I attribute my love for the moon and stars to my name which means “Night in Paradise” according to the baby book from which my parents picked it. Counterintuitively, at twenty one, I am afraid of the dark.

20. I have been entrepreneurial since age 14. I have opened a dance studio, a tutoring business, and a website design service. Currently I am a Mary Kay make up consultant with a small photography business.

21. This Halloween I was a fat cat. I love to laugh and to make others laugh, and that is exactly what I did.

fat cat

22. Birthdays are my thing. I love celebrating birthdays, my own included, no shame. To me the fact that there is one day a year when you celebrate someone’s existence is wonderful. You’re not celebrating an award or a job promotion, just the fact that they live, that they exist! How great is that?

23. The quokka is my spirit animal. That or a hummingbird, according to my roommate of three years and one of my best friends, Shelby Kile.


24. I believe in purely platonic love. 

25. I believe in the power of music.


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