The Elephant in the Room

Dealer’s Choice

According to the likely very credible site,, elephants are a symbol of “strength, honor, stability, and patience. The elephant is found in Hinduism as a form of Ganesha, the god of luck, fortune, and protection.” is right. The elephant is a strong and yet gentle giant thought to bring good luck if its trunk is up. For this reason, and because they are just so CUTE, elephants became my favorite animal and then slowly became an obsession. Here are a few of the elephants that live in my room.

The Elephant Bowl for keeping up with loose change and bobby pins. A gift from one of my best friends, Avery.

IMG_1487-1.JPG Edgar or Ellie or Frederick the Third? Everyone calls him something different. I call him “the elephant that sits on my bed.” A gift from my freshman roommate, Shelby.


Elephants for Earrings. Some of my elephant jewelry, all of them Christmas gifts.IMG_1485-1.JPG

My Elephant Mobile. You count sheep. I count elephants.IMG_1489-1.JPG

Window Sill Ganeshjis.  Pray to these lil guys every morning and every night.IMG_1480-1.JPG

Trunk Tapestry. Painted this over the summer. The oil spread was a mistake, but everyone thinks it’s cool and artsy, so I roll with it and pretend it’s not messing with my OCD.IMG_1481-1.JPG

Buddha Quote. A sweet moving-in gift from my roommate, Bhakti.IMG_1479-1.JPG


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