What do YOU youtube?

I looked through all my bookmarked YouTube videos. Then I spent way too long watching half of them… 90% of them were dance videos, so I figured sharing one would be most representative of who I am.

In this video, Hok and Aye, two incredible hip hop dancers perform to Bang Bang by will.i.am. Hok and Aye are part of the Quest Crew and Boxcuttuhz respectively. They’ve both performed on America’s Best Dance Crew (one of television’s greatest and most addicting shows). They travel the world and perform, wowing everyone with their sheer talent. It is on my bucket list to find a guy that can dance, learn their choreography, and recreate this video. I love the silent movie type facial expressions, the gimmicky antics, and of course the tight dance moves.

Dance is my passion, as I’ve mentioned before. The stage brings out the best in me. I light up. I really just love it. I get the adrenaline high and fast heart beat. I feel electric. Having prepared countless hours for my three minutes of fame, I know that there is a risk of making a mistake but a low chance. My muscle memory kicks in, and I just run on autopilot. I feel in control, and as a control freak, I guess that’s why I love it so much.  I know how much effort goes into making it seem effortless. They payoff is more than rewarding. I am happiest when I’m dancing. Just last night I performed in front of hundreds of people alongside some of my best friends from BSC. It was probably the last time I will do so for a long time. It was bittersweet. As I approach graduation and the “real world” everyone encourages me to find what it is I enjoy doing most and pursue that. Dance. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than dance everyday. Dance is what I enjoy most, but I haven’t taken a single dance class since high school. The question is: What do I do? I can’t pursue grad school in something I haven’t done at all in my four years of undergrad. I can’t take dance lessons without having a job to pay for said dance lessons. I could work at or open my own dance studio, but then I would miss the performing aspect of dance which is my favorite part and really just be stuck in an educational type career which is not something I really want. So, maybe I should keep it as a side hobby? Maybe I should look for a dance troupe somewhere and audition? For now, the curtains are closed. But it’s only intermission…


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