• slipping into a made bed
  • when your best friend just listens
  • listening to a great song on repeat
  • the smell of vanilla in the kitchen
  • a steamy-mirror warm shower on a chilly winter morning
  • your dad’s hug when you missed him. Even better: the hug when he missed you more
  • your mama’s eyes when she’s happy
  • the way your puppy kisses you in the morning when you wake up
  • using a towel that smells like clean laundry
  • knowing you did the right thing even though it was hard to do
  • laughing with your siblings
  • when the perfect song comes on to match your mood…or to make it better
  • when you step outside (out of the AC) and the sun hits your skin
  • pulled right out of the dryer, warm laundry on your skin r
  • your favorite stuffed animal
  • that moment right before you know you’re about to fall asleep

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