What’s for Dinner?

Being disappointed by the school caf on the daily has made me look forward to tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner like nothing else. My mother is the best cook. Feeding people is her passion. To put it in perspective, she has asked me if I want anything to eat twice already. I have been sitting at this computer for only twenty minutes. We also just finished lunch. My mother puts her heart into her cooking. Also,  just to make my mouth water, over the past few days while I have been struggling through midterms, she has been sending me texts of recipes and pictures of all the baked goods that are waiting for me. I cannot wait.

Here’s what is on the menu for tonight: sweet Hawaiian rolls with honey butter, broccoli and cheese casserole (my favorite comfort food), baked beans, alfredo pasta casserole (yea, that’s a thing), sweet corn, honey glazed ham, and Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. For dessert, we have too many options: powdered lemon cookies (the softest in the land), banana bread, banana bread with pecans, chocolate cake (baked by my sister), Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, my mama’s famous chocolate molten lava cake, and s’mores! To top it all off, she bought little fun sized moscato bottles because “her baby’s all grown up.”

The food was delicious as expected. My favorite part was the broccoli casserole. Although, my mother certainly outdid herself with the lemon cookies. She has never made them before, but I never would have known. They were perfectly soft and doughy and covered in powdered sugar. With a tall glass of milk, they were a great ending to a satisfying meal. Having the entire family at the dinner table made the night even more savory. Rich conversation and sweet laughter filled me right up! I am stuffed and happy.


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