The Little Things I’m Thankful For

I put the ‘mental’ in sentimental. For me the little things in life make me the happiest and the most grateful. Get me a fancy car, and I will be more than appreciative. But give me a smile and a positive word when I really need it. I will never forget that. Here are just a few things that make my heart swell with gratitude.


Parents. By Glenny Brock’s rules, I’m supposed to avoid being stereotypical and talking about my family. But I can’t even begin to think about what I am thankful for without thinking of my parents. I am very lucky that they support me and allow me to make decisions that make me happy like attending Birmingham- Southern, changing my major halfway through, pursuing various hobbies like photography and dance, and getting a dog (Promise you they don’t regret that one. Look at him!).

Photography. I am also blessed to have many moments in my life I want to remember, big and small. With a simple *chck* of a shutter, a moment can be captured forever. I’m thankful for my artistic ability behind the camera and for having memories worth capturing. Being able to revisit a moment, those emotions and feelings, tastes and smells hundred times if I want to is something I am so happy I can do.

Fashion. I like to say that “Creativity makes the world your canvas.” I express much of my creativity through what I wear. Sometimes I’ll wear a short cocktail dress with big sexy hair, deep lips, and beautiful statement necklace. Other times I might wear floral overalls from Gap Kids with a pair of laced ballet flats. I don’t have a very bold personality. I don’t have very loud opinions. But in my defined fashion choices, I can express myself in an unspoken way.

Modern Medicine. Think about life without common medicines like tylenol or anesthetics. When I’ve got a toothache or some so-awful-I’m-pretty-sure-I’m-dying cramps, I can take a Tylenol and carry on with the rest of my day. And if I had to stay awake during a surgery, you might as well save yourself the trouble, because I would probably just die.

Chivalry is not dead. I’m thankful for the compassion, kindness, and care strangers often share with me.

Music. Is that cliché? So what if it is. Like submerging into a warm bath, I can get engulfed by music. In the right kinda bath, the water is shockingly hot on your naked, cold skin. Sinking in will give you goosebumps at first, but then it’s the most comforting thing to just lay there blanketed by the feeling. Good music, bad music, sad music, pop music. It doesn’t matter. I get that feeling. I get swallowed up by the mood and the rhythm. It can completely change how I’m feeling. It can tap into my emotion instantly. It can make me cry or make me laugh. Few things touch me like music does.


The AmStar 12 movie theatre in Anniston, AL. So, actually, this movie theatre is now called “The Grand,” but the sign still says AmStar 12, and everyone who lives in Anniston will forever refer to it as AmStar12. In Anniston, basically the theatre is the only place to go besides out to eat, so I have made quite a few memories there. I have snuck in food (who hasn’t?). I’m talking a whole calzone. I’ve waited in line for hours with my best friend to get Finding Nemo tickets the day it came out, the first time I went to a movie without an adult. I have run around in all the aisles during Side Effects, rated R, with my brother on his 17th birthday when we were the only two people in the entire theatre. I’ve sat on my friend’s lap when the theatre was packed, and 21 of us took up one entire row.  And I have saved every movie ticket since like 2010. I told you I’m senti{mental}.


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