How to NOT Get Over Him

Bad break up? (Does there exist a “good break-up?”) Crush you just can’t get over? Nisha, relationship expert, here to help. If you really DON’T wanna get over him:

  1. Meet up with him because you’re “just friends.” Those feelings will just disappear like the pint of ice cream you ate last night.
  2. Text him even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t.
  3. Casually scroll through his Facebook page…again.
  4. Call him. Definitely call him.
  5. Keep any garments of clothing or objects of his you may still have. They still smell like him? Even better.
  6. Listen to the CD he made for you. Those cheesy romantic jams will make you feel like the star of this year’s biggest rom-com.
  7. Hide out in your room and avoid meeting new people. Just sit there and wallow, and never move on.
  8. Think about what could be/have been. You could be perfect together if he wasn’t with his girlfriend…
  9. Stop taking care of yourself. Just become a hermit. Who cares if you’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days, right?
  10. Tell him you want to try again. Sure fire definite Nisha-guarantee, this will help you not get over him.

You’re welcome.


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