What, When, Why I Write


I get dressed up for myself. I enjoy working with different elements of fashion and style, and it gives me a higher sense of self-confidence and presence. But let’s be real, I also dress up for others. If I wear a really cute outfit and nobody sees me that day, did I even wear a cute outfit? I treat my writing the same way. Though, I enjoy going back and reading my own writing, I like to write for my readers. I write with a conversational tone as if I am talking to the reader, and I still use the word “just” too often and way too many incredibly useful-in-my-opinion adverbs. 😉 Just like I do when I speak. I do feel like I’ve improved. I pay closer attention and try to avoid doing those things out of habit. “Less is more,” Professor Michael Flowers tells me in Musical Theatre. He’s right. Sometimes, it is not about the quantity. It’s not about how many words I’ve written. It’s about each word meaning something, each word adding value to the whole piece. I do not necessarily write what others want to read, but I do write in a way that I hope keeps readers entertained, keeps ’em reading til the end.


I write most frequently when I have so many things to say that I can’t express them any better way than by writing them all out. Or when I’m feeling something so strongly that I can’t say it or hear it or see it. I write it. I am also a list maker, so I write lists everyday. I have a list for everything. Some of those include: a minute by minute to-do list everyday that includes meals so I don’t forget, a to-buy list, a wish list, a don’t forget you said this list, a list of quotes, and a list of how many lists I currently have going. I’m a bit ridicu{list}. [I also just really like puns. I just laughed out loud at myself. I am hilarious. I also used “just” twice…oh now three times in this parenthetical aside.] Lastly, I write when Glenny Brock tells me to blog like crazy. I write and write and write. Sometimes I write 3500 words in one day because I’m behind on all my posts, and it’s the last day of school. That’s when I write.


I enjoy writing. I actually like the act of writing with a pen or typing. I could do it all day. I also feel like I best express myself through written word. And sometimes, I write for the applause.



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