My Burnt Bacon Breakdown

It’s a peaceful Thursday night. Almost the weekend. My best friend, Avery is spending the night with me. He loves bacon, so for the first time ever, I bought raw meat. I’ve decided to try a Buzzfeed recipe for a bacon covered grilled cheese. The video makes it look super easy. Spoiler: It is not.


I follow the instructions. I lay five strips down in a row and then five more perpendicular. I oil up some wheat bread. Put a couple slices of Colby Jack cheese in there. I wrap it all up. It looks perfect. I put the stove on about 4. Throw the pan on there. It’s lookin’ good. The sizzle sounds good. It smells like it’s cooking. But fifteen minutes later, the side touching the bread is not getting cooked. The bacon is curling up on the edges. It’s hard for me to keep it all together on the small pan.

Then the smoke alarm goes off….

It’s 10:00 PM. Shelby’s on the phone. She comes out and opens all the windows and doors. Elena’s ready for bed. She runs out and takes the pan out to the patio. Avery is laughing so hard, and I’m just standing there like an ashamed puppy. Shelby points, “The smoke alarm!” I grab a towel and vigorously fan the air under the smoke alarm. I turn on the personal fan in my room. Elena then informs me, “Bacon is supposed to be cook on three, not any higher. It kinda takes awhile.” The fire alarm eventually stops screaming at us. Avery, out of kindness, eats the bacon that was cooked. I wash the dishes and head to bed.

This is not my first mistake in the kitchen and most definitely won’t be my last. I ain’t givin’ up! I’m thinking Buzzfeed’s 26 Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes That’ll Keep Your Oven Off. Who’s with me?


3 thoughts on “My Burnt Bacon Breakdown

  1. Vandna says:

    Haha:) Keep at it my Nishu. It’s in your genes to cook well! Your mom, both your grandmas. It will happen!!!!

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