28 Days as an Adult: What I’ve Learned

I have been a full-fledged adult for 28 days [number of days since I moved into my apartment after graduating college]. In that time, I have already managed to make my fair share of mistakes and learn more than a few lessons. So, let me share with you some of my experiences and newfound wisdom.

Week 1: The excitement is almost tangible. We’ve paid for our own apartment, moved in way too much stuff, and readily claimed adulthood. We wake up, put on our professional attire, and eat a decent breakfast. We keep things tidy and talk about where the furniture will go. We just got a washing machine and a fancy ottoman! I’m currently sleeping on a mattress pad because I don’t have a bed yet, but things are going smoothly. The apartment is slowly coming together.

11224823_10203793716597358_5977499162583589042_n 2

Week 2: I have decided the people that wake up everyday to workout before work are superheroes. I don’t know how they do it. If I hit snooze less than three times, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve never been a morning person, so this isn’t new. But waking up everyday at six — that’s new. No more 11:00 classes and preprepared food from the caf. I have figured out, though, that I can take my breakfast to work. I can shower at night, and I can pack my lunch the day before. This makes my mornings a little easier.

I’ve discovered walking into a grocery store without a list is like being dropped into a foreign city without a map. I feel so lost. I don’t know how to cook. I don’t know what to buy. The first time I bought deli meat, bread, milk, and cereal. This week I went in with a plan. I bought food to make meals. I bought snacks. I bought ice cream. I made my own fajitas! I’m doing better.


We’ve added a beautiful dark wood coffee table to our living room now, and the two roomies found a dinner table all the way in Moody and brought that in over July 4th weekend. We have flowers in the windowsill, beautiful chairs from Shelby’s house, and a sweet periwinkle ladder in the corner. That’s Elena’s. So my turn, right? I’ve got to find us a couch. Sounds simple? It wasn’t. Click to read the full story of the moldy couch.


Week 3: I found a new couch. This time we went and looked at it before we bought it. You should always do that, by the way. Elena found some beautiful ‘moosen’ to hang in our entry way. My room is officially fully furnished. And my best friend Avery is spending the night on Thursday! I want to make him something special so I bought bacon. I found this recipe on Buzzfeed for a bacon covered grilled cheese; every guy’s dream right? I’m pretty proud of myself for buying raw meat and trying a new recipe. Click here to see how the bacon grilled cheese went.


Everyday brings something new and unexpected. But in the end, being an adult is just learning to work through struggles on your own. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. ALWAYS look at used items in person before purchasing them.
  2. Do things the night before. Cooking meals, packing your lunch, working out, taking a shower. All of those things can be done after work leaving the next morning hassle-free.
  3. Grocery shopping is way easier when you make a list. Go in with a plan. Don’t go in hungry.
  4. Be careful when cooking bacon. Apparently, it is supposed to be very slow process…
  5. Trust that over time things will work out. You house will become a home before you know it.



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