6 Things I’ve Learned From Shelby Kile

Five years ago I met Shelby Kile. She’s a meerkat- lovin’, coffee- drinkin’, Magic City lover. She’s my roommate and one of my best friends. And here are 6 simple lessons she’s unknowingly shared with me.

1. There’s nothing like a long drive. You don’t need a destination. You don’t need a reason. You can jam to a fun playlist, or you can sit comfortably in introspective silence. It’s simple. It’s great.

2. It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Shelby studied psychology at Birmingham- Southern College. But degree aside, Shelbs is intuitive and compassionate. In moments of sadness, anger, and even joy, she reminds me that my feelings are valid. They are mine, and I am allowed to feel them. It is an important lesson that has really helped me grow.

Lighting a candle can change everything. Scents are strong. The smell of a quality candle can change the feng shui of your space in no time. Add a holiday scent for instant festive. Add a fresh floral smell, and suddenly your space feels cozy and inviting. From apartment to Home.

*Shelby’s favorite candle: Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works (3- wick of course)

4. Everything is a little better in the morning. Struggling with something? Crying? Frustrated? Just wondering and wandering? Give it a night. Sometimes a good night’s rest is just what you need. A simple break from your thoughts can help you step back and clear your mind. Come back to it in the morning.

5. Acoustic covers are Spotify’s secret gems. During those meaningful car rides, on lazy Sundays in your pajamas, or while you’re relaxing and reflecting acoustic covers provide the perfect soundtrack. They’re your favorite tunes with a twist, a new perspective. Check ‘em out!

*Shelby’s favorite acoustic cover:  I Believe In a Thing Called Love by Branches

6. A good hug lasts a good minute. A hug is a comforting shared form of affection, but sometimes it can feel habitual and common instead of warm and welcoming. Enjoy your hug. Hold ‘em tight, and show ‘em you love ‘em.


And that’s what I’ve learned from Shelby Kile. Here’s to more memories, laughs, and lessons.


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